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Document Shredding Events

Shred your confidential materials for free at these shredder truck events. With the increasing popularity of our events, we've had to change locations and use larger community spaces instead of our branches. Please note locations carefully.
Please remember the following important information regarding these events:

  • These events attract a large number of members, so be prepared to wait in line as much as 15-60 minutes or longer. If your items are heavy, we suggest bringing a rolling cart of some kind to assist you as you move through the line. Staff at the event are unable to move items for you due to insurance restrictions.
  • Each member is limited to three boxes of materials; boxes should be no larger than 18” x 24” x 12”. If you have more than three boxes of materials, you will be allowed to shred only three before returning to the back of the line. Staff at the event reserve the right to refuse large volumes of materials so that all members may have an opportunity to use the service.
  • Whenever possible, do not bring materials in paper or plastic bags that may rip as you wait in line.
  • Only confidential materials should be recycled. Other materials such as newspapers, magazines, and manila folders will cause the truck to fill up more quickly and should be recycled through your local municipality’s service.
  • We have two trucks at Saturday events and one truck at Friday events. Once the trucks are full, we cannot accept further material for shredding. For this reason, our shredder truck events are on a first come/first serve basis, and may end before the advertised time.



Acceptable Materials to Shred