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Visa® Alerts

Visa® Alerts is a free service that monitors your Hudson Valley Visa® Debit Card and Visa® credit card authorizations through email and text message notifications. The alerts are great for tracking your spending, but they can also provide peace of mind by knowing that your cards are being monitored for unauthorized transactions.

  • Credit Card Icons
    Visa® Alerts help keep your account secure by sending transaction alerts in real-time, immediately identifying potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Gift Tags
    Take an active role in managing your transactions, tracking your spending, and staying on top of your account balances.
  • Safety Lock
    Alerts notify you when and where your card was used, and how much was spent.

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Types of Notifications

Visa® Alerts:

  • Authorizations for $20 or more
  • All phone or online purchases
  • All transactions outside of the United States
  • All gas purchases
  • Declined transactions

Key Features Tips for Recognizing Unfamiliar Authorizations

It is possible that you may not recognize an alert for a transaction that you did make. Below are some situations to consider:

  • Automatic bill payments that are set up for recurring billing, such as that for your cable or telephone bill, or a gym membership.
  • Large purchase that are divided into smaller transactions
  • Aggregated charges
  • Transactions made by other authorized users

Useful Resources

Visa® Checkout makes it easy to complete your online purchases by eliminating the need to fill out lengthy checkout forms.