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MAGIC Phone Banking

MAGIC is our audio response phone banking system that gives you 24-hour access to your account information. Call 845.463.3011, option #2, and follow the prompts to bank with MAGIC.

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    MAGIC is great for people who prefer self-service options when it comes to their banking transactions.
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    MAGIC is available in English or Spanish, and you can access both your primary and joint accounts in one call.

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With MAGIC, you can:

  • Obtain both your actual and available balance, in the event that you have an item pending like a debit card transaction or check hold.
  • Perform transfers between your accounts as well as transfer to another member’s account.
  • Transfers from joint accounts, even if your accounts have different member account numbers.
  • Search your account history by specifying the type of transaction, a single or range of cleared checks, or ATM and ACH transactions. You can also select the number of transactions you would like to hear (up to 10 at a time).
  • Obtain mortgage and credit card information, and make payments to these loans.
  • Make loan payments and obtain information including payment amounts and due dates.
  • Advance funds from a line of credit and transfer the money to one of your accounts.
  • Get year-to-date IRA contributions, dividends earned, and review interest paid (other than mortgages and credit cards).
  • Hear pending ACH transactions and schedule transfers or review existing scheduled transfers.

Reminder: Withdrawal transactions performed through MAGIC are subject to Regulation D limitations.

  • The system allows you to make menu choices as quickly as you need to without the need to wait for a prompt.
  • Leading 0’s are dropped for account and loan IDs (for example Savings 0001 is Savings 1, Checking 0201 is Checking 201, and Loan 003 is Loan 3).
  • A list of your available accounts and loans plays automatically if no choice is made.
  • Each menu or sub-menu offers the option to either return to the previous menu or the main menu
  • When you make an account transfer, MAGIC accepts entries for both dollars and cents. A decimal point/special character is not needed when transferring funds (i.e. enter $10.00 as 1000).