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Get Started with Online and Mobile Bill Pay

Managing bills online instead of using paper checks and statements adds convenience to your life and reduces the amount of paper waste in U.S. landfills by more than 377,000 tons each year.

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    Securely receive, pay, and track all of your bills online – avoiding the need to write checks, mail bills, or pay for postage.
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    For companies that accept electronic payments, your funds are automatically withdrawn from your HVFCU checking account on the date you schedule your payment.
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    Pay your bills within Internet Banking or on the go with our Mobile Banking app.

Get Started

Enroll in Bill Pay


The full desktop version of Bill Pay offers a host of features that keep you organized and paying your bills on time. Bill Pay within our Mobile Banking app is a bit more streamlined for making quick payments. Your payees must first be set up within Internet Banking to pay them from our app.

You may set up two checking accounts from which to make your payments, but you must be the primary accountholder on the accounts. Checking accounts are the only accounts that can be used to make your payments within Bill Pay.

Bill Pay Features

Payment Reminders

Set up email notifications when payments are due, when a bill has not been paid by the due date, when payments are processed, and when automatic payments are scheduled, processed, or have expired. To set up payment reminders, select the “Options” link under any of your payees.

Earliest Available Payment Indicator

Some payees (primarily large merchants) can receive your payment the day after you schedule it. The payment calendar used to schedule your payments shows the available payment dates highlighted in green.

Quick Add Feature for Creating New Payees

Some payees can be added with as little information as a name and account number, thus saving you set up time.

Payment Confirmation Numbers

Each processed payment has a confirmation number to assist with record keeping.

Payment Notes

Once a payment has been confirmed, you can edit the payment and add notes for future reference.

Payment History

View up to 24 months of your payments.

Payment Downloads

Download your payment information as a .CSV file from the Payment History page.

Bill Pay Demo


There are two types of Bill Pay payments available:

  1. One-time only payments – Scheduled for a specific date and paid only once. Any Bill Pay payment can be set up as a one-time only payment.
  2. Automatic payments – Recurring payments set up on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. You choose how many payments you’d like to make or you can leave the payments to be paid indefinitely. Payments that are the same amount from one billing cycle to the next can be set up as automatic payments. Once set up, a circular arrow symbol appears near the payee’s name.

You can be assured that your electronic payments are handled safely and reliably when they are processed through Fiserv , and that you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays.

Fiserv will bear the responsibility for any late-payment-related charges (up to $50) should a payment arrive after its due date and you scheduled the transaction in accordance with Bill Pay’s terms and conditions.