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Popmoney: Person-to-Person Payment Service

You don’t need to write a check, exchange account numbers, or carry cash to pay people. With Popmoney, you can send or request money — just as you might do through other online payment services, such as PayPal.

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    Pay rent or roommates, cover shared expenses, like family-plan phone bills, reimburse friends, send gifts, pay for babysitting or lawn care, and more. Some charities even accept Popmoney payments.
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    Use just an email address and / or a cell phone number to send money. The money you send goes directly from your Hudson Valley checking account into the individual's account, within one to three business days.
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    Access Popmoney from within Internet Banking or our Mobile Banking app. To get started, click the “External Transfer” option from the “Move Money” menu within Internet Banking or the Popmoney menu within Mobile Banking.

Get Started

Send Money

Popmoney Demo (Pay People)

  • It is free to use and you are not charged a fee to request payments.
  • There are no fees to receive payments through Popmoney -- you receive the full amount of money requested.
  • Money is deposited to your account three business days after the payment is made.
  • Individuals you request money from don’t have to be Hudson Valley members.
  • If a recipient is already a Popmoney user, the money you send will be debited from your account the next business day.
  • If a recipient is not already a Popmoney user, the money you send will not be debited from your account until they become a Popmoney user and claim their money.
  • Unclaimed payments expire within ten days of being sent. You will receive notification of any unclaimed payments you send, and the money that goes unclaimed is not deducted from your account.

It is possible to receive an invitation to become a Popmoney user even though you are already using the service. If someone sends money to you via a different email address or mobile phone number from what is stored in Popmoney, you will get another invitation to become a user. Since you are already using the service, there is no need to sign up again.

Useful Resources

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