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How to Switch Checking Accounts

1. Open your new checking account

Open an HVFCU checking account with Visa® Debit Card. If you use checks, you can order them at that time. Though you can begin using your new checking account right away, leave your old checking account open with enough funds to cover outstanding checks, debit transactions, and ACH automated payments.

2. Monitor your old checking account and begin using your new HVFCU checking account

Set up your new HVFCU checking account with any direct deposits you had on your old account, including paychecks and government deposits, such as Social Security payments. You’ll also want to set up any recurring payments (ACH debits)) to your new checking. These would be automatic payments you make including mortgage or rent, auto loan, insurance premiums, utilities, health club memberships, and charitable contributions, to name a few. Monitor the funds in your old checking account to ensure outstanding items are being paid. You don’t want to get hit with any non-sufficient fund fees from closing your old account prematurely.

Related Forms:

Switch Kit Checklist - Monitor your account activity to ensure a successful switch to your new checking account.

Automatic Payment Authorization - Set up automatic payments from your new checking account.

Direct Deposit Change - Initiate a new or change an existing direct deposit.

Overdraft Protection Opt-in Form - Opt-in for overdraft protection services on your Visa Debit Card and ATM card transactions.

3. Close your old checking account

Once everything has cleared your old checking account, and your ACH debits and direct deposits have switched to your new HVFCU checking account, you can then close your old checking account. Once the account is closed and for security reasons, destroy any unused checks, and cut up your debit or ATM cards on the account.

Account Closing Authorization - Authorize a financial institution to close your other checking account.

Useful Resources

Monitor your account balances and account activity with text and email notifications through CUAlerts.

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