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Regulation D Guidelines

Federal regulation requires us to limit you to six withdrawal transactions on certain accounts. We remind you of the following:

Withdrawals from your savings and tiered money market accounts and transfers made between your accounts are unlimited when made under the following circumstances:

  • In person
  • At an ATM
  • By mail
  • At a Shared Service Center
  • By messenger
  • By phone, facsimile, Internet Banking, or email when requesting an HVFCU official check made payable to you and mailed to your address of record with HVFCU
  • By transfer to an HVFCU loan in your name

Up to six withdrawals or transfers among savings and tiered money market accounts are permitted each month in any of the following combinations, when payable to a third party or to another account owned by you:

  • Checks or similar orders
  • Pre-authorized or automatic transfers
  • Automated Clearing House (ACH)
  • Internet Banking and Mobile Banking
  • Audio response (MAGIC)
  • Overdraft from savings
  • Telephone, email, facsimile (fax)

How to Avoid Regulation D Problems

  • Keep appropriate balances in your checking account to reduce the number of overdraft transfers
    from savings
  • Link your Readi-cash or home equity line of credit loan to your checking account for overdraft
  • Make recurring electronic payments, such as insurance or utility bills, from your checking account instead of your savings or tiered money market account
  • Set up automatic transfers from your checking account to other designated accounts
  • Set up a Regulation D alert within CUAlerts to keep track of transactions that count toward your monthly limit