MAGIC Audio Response Telephone System

Getting Started

The first time you use MAGIC you’ll be asked to enter your Social Security Number and create a Personal Identification Number (PIN). A PIN may not begin with a zero. This PIN will be linked to all accounts listed under your member number and on which you are the primary owner.

Tips for Using MAGIC

  • You can navigate through MAGIC via key entry or speech recognition.
  • To return to a previous menu or to cancel or end a function, press 3*.
  • When you transfer funds or request a check, MAGIC accepts dollars and cents.
  • MAGIC may ask you to verify an entry—press one to accept or two to cancel the entry.
  • When you order checks through MAGIC you will receive the exact imprinting and check style as your last order. To change your order, please call the Contact Center or stop by any branch.


The following is a listing of MAGIC’s easy-to-follow menus. The number in ( ) is the number to press for that option.

(1) Account Access

  • (1) Account inquiries
    • (1) Specific Account Balance
      • (1) Savings
      • (2) Checking or Money Market
      • (3) Certificate or Individual Retirement Account
    • (2) All Account Balances
      • (1) Share Accounts
      • (2) Loan Accounts
    • (3) Account History
      • (1) Savings
      • (2) Checking or Money Market
      • (3) Certificate or Individual Retirement Account
  • (2) Transfer Funds / Make a Payment
    • (1) Funds Transfer Activities (immediate or scheduled payment)
    • (2) Payments (immediate or scheduled payment)
    • (3) Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers
    • (4) Delete an Existing Transfer
  • (3) More Options
    • (1) Future Transactions such as ACH deposits
      • (1) Savings
      • (2) Checking
      • (3) Tiered Money Market
      • (4) Loans (other than mortgages & credit cards)
    • (2) Change Your PIN
    • (3) Order / Reorder Checks

(2) Merchant Check Verification

(0) Transfer to our Contact Center during normal business hours

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