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Services listed here are available at all branches unless otherwise noted.

Coin Machines Visa Debit Card – Instant Issue
Visa Gift Cards Notary
Official Checks Money Orders
Western Union Commercial Money Orders American Express Travelers Cheques
US Savings Bonds

Coin Machines

Bring in your loose coins and have your money deposited directly into your savings, checking, or money market account. Coin machines are available at all of our branches, and there is no charge to use our coin machines.

Visa Debit Card – Instant Issue

Visa Debit Cards with HVFCU Rewards! points are issued instantly at all branches.

Visa Gift Cards

Gift giving is more convenient with the help of a Visa Gift Card. It’s a pre-paid, non-reloadable card that’s similar to retail and department store gift cards— but with more flexibility. Rather than being limited to one store, Visa Gift Cards can be used almost anywhere Visa Debit Cards are accepted. Visa Gift Cards are also great presents for college students away from home and are an alternative option for parents who want their children to have money on hand for emergencies.

Visa Gift Cards can be purchased at any of our branches for any amount between $25 and $500.1 Once purchased, a card can be activated by going to the Online Card Access website or by calling 855.428.7243. You can also verify your balance and update your personal information online. (Please use the same website address and phone number to report a Visa Gift Card lost or stolen.)

Review our frequently asked questions about Visa Gift Cards for more information.


Free notary service is available during normal business hours at all branches.

Official Checks

Official checks, also known as bank or cashier’s checks, are often used for making large purchases, such as a home or automobile. Since the funds for the check are guaranteed, you may request a check for any amount up to your available account balance. As part of our rewards program, members with an HVFCU free checking account and Visa Debit Card with rewards earn free official checks. Members without a Visa Debit Card are assessed a $7.00 fee for official checks.

Money Orders

Money orders provide convenience when checks or credit cards are not accepted for payment purposes. Money orders offer great flexibility. They can be purchased for any amount up to $1,000, and are valid for three years from the date of purchase. We also offer a unique PaySmart account that allows you to purchase money orders at a discounted rate.

Western Union Quick Cash

For the times when you need to get funds to an individual quickly, Western Union Quick Cash can help. You may transfer an amount up to $10,000 to any Western Union office in the country ($450 in Arizona), and delivery of the funds is guaranteed within two hours from the time of request. You can also request a transfer from any branch or from our Contact Center. Make your request before 4:00 pm for same day outgoing transfer. Applicable fees are dependent on the destination of your transfer, with international transfers having a higher fee than domestic transfers.

American Express Travelers Cheques

Taking a trip? Avoid the risks of carrying cash by taking along Travelers Cheques. They can be used worldwide and are insured, if signed. Travelers Cheques are available in pre-packaged denominations of $20, $50, and $100. The fee to purchase Travelers Cheques is 1% of the amount purchased.

US Savings Bonds

You can redeem savings bonds at HVFCU branches, however paper savings bonds are no longer sold at financial institutions, including credit unions. Individuals wishing to purchase savings bonds must establish a free account through the Treasury Direct website, where you can purchase, manage, or redeem savings bonds. At the Treasury Direct website you can also convert paper savings bonds to electronic savings bonds and purchase other Treasury securities, including bills, notes, bonds, and TIPS (Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities).

1 The purchase fee for a Visa Gift Card is $4.00 per card. A $2.99 inactivation fee is assessed monthly after thirteen months of inactivity. Visa Gift Cards expire after at least five years from date of purchase. Refer to the expiration date embossed on the card.

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