Earn a Discount on Your Premium and a Reduction in Points on Your Driving Record

HVFCU Insurance Agency has partnered with the National Safety Council to offer an online defensive driving class at a discounted rate of $25. Attendees who complete the online class may be eligible for an immediate 10% discount on their collision and liability premium. This discount applies for three years. In addition, you may also receive a reduction of up to four points on your driving record.

Getting Started

Take Our Defensive Driving Course

Please follow the steps below to take our online defensive driving course:

  • If you are enrolling for the first time click “New Student". View Screenshot
  • Click “log in as a New Student”. View Screenshot
  • Access Code is: hvfcu View Screenshot
  • Click “Finish Checkout”. View Screenshot
  • Type “I AGREE”. View Screenshot
  • Fill out billing and student information. View Screenshot
  • Confirm your information. Click “Submit Order.” View Screenshot
  • You will see a confirmation screen and will be sent a confirmation email. View Screenshot
  • Your email will be sent from [email protected] with the following instructions:
    Before starting the course, you must call a Voice Verification system. This system will capture and store your “voiceprint.” This “voiceprint” will be used to identify you throughout the course.
    The email will instruct you to call 1-888-NYS-ODDC (1-888-697-6332) PLEASE NOTE:

    Background noise, illness and cell phone connection can affect the quality and accuracy of your voice sample. Please be aware that consistency is important when prompted to call for verification throughout the course.

    You will be prompted to speak your customer number and the initial Registration PIN noted in the email you are provided.

    After your initial voiceprint is captured, the system will issue a Verification PIN. The email will instruct you to write this PIN down for future use.

    Throughout the course, there will be six prompts to call the voice verification system. You will be prompted to speak your Customer ID number and a call pin that is on the computer screen.

    *Each checkpoint will have a different call pin and a different verification pin.
  • The email will provide you with an initial Customer # and password. You will be instructed to go to http://www.safetyserve.com/HVFCU and click on “Returning Student” to enter this information. View Screenshot
  • You should enter your customer number and password provided in their email and click “Log in.” View Screenshot
  • You will be asked to fill out the some security questions. They will be used to verify your access during the course. View Screenshot
  • Click on the title “New York Defensive Driving Course” to launch the course. You will be prompted to enter the Verification PIN you received when you set up your “voiceprint.” View Screenshot

If you have not registered for this course before and you have an access code, log in as a New Student Registration. If you have already registered and created your own login ID and Password, log in as a returning student.

Course Completion

Upon successful completion of this course, an official National Safety Council Certificate of Completion will be mailed to you the next business day. Your successful completion status will also be electronically transmitted to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles. If you are eligible, the DMV will automatically apply the point reduction to your driving record.

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