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Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) enhances the security of your Business Internet Banking access through the use of security codes, questions, and images that protect your online access from computer hackers and identity thieves. With MFA, your secure Business Internet Banking sessions have extra layers of protection. The use of MFA is necessitated by the FFEIC (Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council) as a proactive approach to prevent online fraud.

MFA enrollment involves these steps:

  • Choosing security questions and
    answers (preselected or ones you create)
  • Creating a Security Key
  • Registering a computer (optional)
  • Creating a business user id

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To learn more about how MFA affects your Business Internet Banking access, review our FAQs below.

What is the Verify Code that displays at the Internet Banking sign-on?

The Verify Code is an extra security measure used to prevent hackers from randomly selecting account numbers. Please note that when entering the Verify Code, entries are case sensitive.

What is the Security Key that displays during the sign-on process?

Your Security Key is used to help you identify Business Internet Banking as a legitimate site. The text word you selected during Business Internet Banking enrollment is converted to an image. When you sign-on to Business Internet Banking you see the Security Key image with a watermark logo behind it. This gives you reassurance that you are using HVFCU’s Business Internet Banking service and not a website that looks like HVFCU’s site.

You can change your Security Key at any time by selecting “Member Info” from the “Options” menu within Business Internet Banking.

What is the purpose of the challenge questions I created / answer?

The security questions provide an added level of protection when accessing Business Internet Banking from computers that are not registered through Multi-factor Authentication. Please note that the answers to your security questions are case sensitive.

You can change your security questions and answers at any time by selecting “Authentication Questions” from the “Options” menu within Business Internet Banking.

Do all employees in a business use the same challenge questions when signing on to Business Internet Banking?

All employees in a business do use the same security questions when signing on to Business Internet Banking. If individuals leave your business, you may consider updating the security questions, along with changing Business Internet Banking passwords.

What does it mean to remember a computer?

When you remember a computer, it is linked to the unique business signing-on to Business Internet Banking from that computer. When you remember a computer, the randomly generated security questions that you previously set up are not presented during sign-on. In essence, the security afforded by the security questions has been replaced by the link associated with your specific computer.

Please note that public computers, computers that are used by many individuals, or computers that are not your own should not be registered. Additionally, it is recommended that multiple Business Internet Banking users within a company should not register their computer.

Is a business user id required?

A business user id is required and allows you to set up Business Internet Banking access for multiple individuals within your organization. Once business user ids are created, you can then restrict user access to certain functionality and features within Internet Banking.

Once enrolled, how do I update my Multi-factor Authentication security information?

You can change your security questions and password from the “Options” menu within Business Internet Banking.

What information will Multi-factor Authentication never ask for?

Multi-factor Authentication will never ask for credit card numbers, Visa Check Card / ATM card numbers, ATM PINs, tax ID numbers, or Social Security Numbers.

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