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CUAlerts, CULetters, and Visa Alerts are free services to help manage your accounts and thwart fraudulent activity.

CUAlerts & CULetters – CUAlerts monitors activity on your HVFCU savings and loan accounts through event-triggered email and text message notifications. CULetters provides additional notifications that you may have previously received by traditional mail – such as Privilege Pay notices and loan pre-approvals. You can enroll in both services from the CUAlerts option within Internet Banking,

Visa Alerts – Monitors your HVFCU Visa Debit Card and Visa credit card authorizations through email and text message notifications. Visa Alerts is also available for business members on their check cards and credit cards. To enroll your cards in Visa Alerts, call our Contact Center at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011 or stop into any branch. Please allow three days for alerts to begin.

While there is no charge by HVFCU to use Visa Alerts, standard text message rates apply if you choose your mobile phone as a means of notification. Please check with your particular service provider and plan for your text message rates.

You can enroll your HVFCU Visa Debit Card and / or your HVFCU Visa credit card in Visa Alerts. When enrolling, you also have the option to register two email addresses and two cell phone numbers.

Types of Notifications Available

  • Authorizations for $20 or more
  • All phone or online purchases
  • All transactions outside of the United States (regardless of dollar amount)
  • All gas purchases
  • Declined transactions

Tips for Recognizing Unfamiliar Authorizations

It is possible that you may not recognize an alert for a transaction that you did make. Below are some situations to consider:

  • Automatic bill payments that are set up for recurring billing, such as that for your cable or telephone bill, or a gym membership.
  • Large purchase that are divided into smaller transactions
  • Aggregated charges
  • Transactions made by other authorized users

Lost / Stolen / Replacement Cards

If you have a lost, stolen, or replacement Visa Debit Card or Visa credit card, you will need to enroll your new card in Visa Alerts.

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