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Bill Pay is a free service for all members that allows you to receive, pay, and track all of your bills online – avoiding the need to write checks, mail bills, or pay for postage. Simply schedule your payments and the funds are automatically withdrawn from your designated HVFCU checking account on the date you have specified the bill be paid.

Enroll in Bill Pay

To get started, simply sign-on to Internet Banking, click the Bill Pay option or check image on the homepage, and follow the enrollment prompts. (If you are not already an Internet Banking user, you will need to enroll in that service as well). Once enrolled in Bill Pay, you can begin to schedule your payments immediately.

The first time you use Bill Pay, review the “Getting Started” information, available within the “Help” area. Our extensive online “Help” area also explains all the features of HVFCU Bill Pay—from adding billers to scheduling your payments. If you still have more questions, review our Bill Pay FAQs.

Bill Pay Features

  • E-Bills – Allows participating companies to send your bills electronically through Bill Pay, at no additional cost. With e-bills, you receive your bills on your computer rather than in your mailbox. To get comfortable with the feature, you can choose to receive both e-bills and your paper statements for the first 90 days after enrolling. If you choose not to continue e-bills after the 90 days, you will continue to receive your paper statements.

    You can do one-click multi-e-bill activation or sign up for e-bills individually as you add new billers, as applicable. If you don’t select e-bills when your biller is added, you can do so at a later time by selecting the “Manage My Bills” tab. You will also see a “Get Bill” icon in the “Payment Center” for those billers who offer e-bills. Once you have set up e-bills for a biller, a “bill” icon appears near their name on the “Payment Center” page. If the “Get Bill” icon does not appear, you can’t receive e-bills from that biller.
  • Bill Reminders – Another way that Bill Pay helps you manage your finances. You can set up notifications that let you know, when payments are due, when payments are processed, when automatic payments are scheduled, or when automatic payments have expired.

    When you set up a reminder, you choose whether to be notified by email or via a notice on the “Payment Center” page in Bill Pay. To set up bill reminders, select “Manage My Bills” from the main menu.

    As a companion to any payment reminders you set up within Bill Pay, you can also set up payment notifications through our CUAlerts system. Whereas Bill Pay notifies you when your payments have been processed, CUAlerts notifies you when the funds for your payments have been debited from your checking account.
  • Consolidated Payment Center – The “Payment Center” consolidates your payment activity into one convenient location. From the “Payment Center” you can schedule payments, view e-bills, review pending payments and recent payments, and set up bill reminders.
  • Earliest Available Payment Indicator – Some billers (primarily large merchants) have the ability to receive your payment the same day you schedule it or the day after you schedule it. If a biller has this capability, the payment calendar used to schedule your payments will have the available payment dates highlighted in blue.
  • Quick Add Feature for Creating New Billers – Some billers can be added with as little information as a phone number, account number, or zip code, thus saving you set up time. Based on the phone number entered, Bill Pay knows the appropriate biller address for where to send your payments.
  • Payment Confirmation Numbers – Each processed payment has a confirmation number to assist with record keeping.
  • Payment History – The “Payment Center” shows the most recent 45 days of your payment history. If you’d like to see more than the 45 days, you can view the last 24 months of payments from the “Bill History” page.
  • Payment Notes – Once a payment has been confirmed, you can add notes about the payment for later reference.
  • Payment Downloads – If you like to monitor your checking account with the use of personal finance management software, you can download your payment information as a .CSV file. From the main menu select “Bill History” and then “Download Payments.”
  • Payment Types – There are two types of Bill Pay payments available:
    • One-time only payments – These payments are scheduled for a specific date, and as the description implies, are paid only once. An example of a one time only payment could be arranging to pay off the outstanding balance on your credit card. Any Bill Pay payment can be set up as a one-time only payment.
    • Automatic payments – These payments are recurring and can be set up on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. When you set up automatic payments, you can choose how many payments you’d like made or you can choose for the payments to be paid indefinitely. An example of an automatic payment could be arranging for your mortgage payment to be paid on the 15th of every month. Payments that are the same amount from one billing cycle to the next can be set up as automatic payments. Once you have set up automatic payments for a biller, a “$” symbol appears near their name on the “Payment Center” page.

  • Guaranteed Payments – With the HVFCU Bill Pay guarantee backed by CheckFree, you can be assured that your electronic payments are safe and reliable. When your payments are processed through CheckFree, you are protected in the unlikely event of unauthorized transactions or processing delays. Click the logo for more information.

Bill Pay Customer Service

You can call 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011, option #7 with questions about Bill Pay. You can also send a payment inquiry if you have a question about a specific payment. Messages sent from Customer Service are accessible via the “View Messages” link at the bottom of any Bill Pay page.

Bill Pay Terms and Conditions

Click the link to view the terms and conditions of our Bill Pay service.

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