Bill Pay FAQs

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Enrolling & Getting Started

How does Bill Pay work?

Bill Pay is available to all personal and business checking account members.

Once you are enrolled (see question below), your payments may be made in one of the following three methods:

  • An Automated Clearing House (ACH) may be used to electronically transfer your payments from your HVFCU checking account(s) to your billers on the date you specify. These payments appear on your statement or Internet Banking account details as “Biller Name/Online Payment”.
  • A check may be drawn directly on your HVFCU checking account(s) and appear on your statement or Internet Banking account details as a check number starting in the 995XXX series. In this instance, a check is sent via the US Mail to arrive at your biller location on or before your payment due date. This check will not clear your account until deposited by the biller.
  • A check may be drawn against our Bill Pay provider’s corporate account and mailed to your biller. In this instance, funds are withdrawn from your account electronically on the payment date you specified. These payments appear on your statement or Internet Banking account details as “Biller Name/Online Payment”.

Unfortunately, you do not have the ability to specify by which means above a payment is made, as the method is system generated. Our Bill Pay provider determines whether a payment is sent electronically or by check based on their guidelines. If you’d like to know more, our Bill Pay demo demonstrates the services further and shows you just how simple it is to schedule your payments online.

As a general rule, payments should be scheduled five days in advance of the payment due date.

Some billers (primarily large merchants) have the ability to receive your payment the same day you schedule it or the day after you schedule it. If a biller has this capability, the payment calendar used to schedule your payments will have the available payment dates highlighted. (Please note: A fee may be assessed for same day payments.)

Additionally, you do have the option to make overnight payments to billers who don’t accept electronic payments. If the feature is available for your biller, it will be noted on the “Payment Assistant” calendar when you schedule your payment. There is a $20.00 fee to use the overnight payments option, and the $20.00 fee will be deducted from your checking account along with your scheduled payment amount. When you select your payment date you will be notified of the $20.00 overnight payment fee as you review and submit your payment. The cutoff time for overnight payments is 2:00 pm EST.

What are the terms and conditions of Bill Pay?

Click the link to view the terms and conditions of our Bill Pay service.

Do I need to contact my billers before using HVFCU Bill Pay?

You do not need to contact your billers before using Bill Pay. You can pay anyone, anytime, anywhere in the USA from your mortgage lender to your newspaper carrier.

Do I have to be an HVFCU Internet Banking user?

Yes. In order to access Bill Pay you must first sign-on to Internet Banking. After that you simply select “Bill Pay” from the menu options. If you are not an Internet Banking user, you can enroll today by calling us at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011, or by stopping into any of our branches.

How do I enroll in Bill Pay?

To enroll in Bill Pay you will need an HVFCU checking account, a valid phone number, and valid email address that uses no special characters other than a period or the @ symbol. You must also have a residential address within the US.

Once you have the above covered, simply sign-on to Internet Banking and click the Bill Pay link or check image on the Internet Banking homepage. If you are not already an Internet Banking user, you can enroll today by calling us at 845.463-3011 / 800.468.3011, or by stopping into any of our branches.

You can begin to schedule your payments immediately.

Can I use Bill Pay for accounts I am joint on?

You may only use Bill Pay for accounts that you are the primary account holder.

Do I need any special software from HVFCU to use Bill Pay?

No special software is required from HVFCU to use Bill Pay.

The following browser notes will help with optimum performance:

  • JavaScript is required for Bill Pay to function optimally. If not enabled, certain features and functions will not work properly.
  • Your browser must be set to allow cookies and / or specifically allow third 3rd party cookies.
  • Your screen resolution should be at 800 × 600 VGA.
  • Windows display properties settings should be 96 dpi (Windows default), and the browser text size should be “medium”.
  • Your browser text size should be medium.

Below is an overview of our Bill Pay system and browser requirements:

Supported Allowed Blocked
PC Platform
Windows 7 Internet Explorer 9
Firefox 12
Chrome 19
Internet Explorer 8
Windows Vista Internet Explorer 9
Firefox 12
Chrome 19
Internet Explorer 8
Windows XP Internet Explorer 8
Firefox 12
Chrome 19
JAWS 13 Compuserve
Macintosh Platform
OS X 10.7 Safari 5.1 Firefox 12
Chrome 19
Internet Explorer
OS X 10.6 Safari 5.1 Firefox 12
Chrome 19
Internet Explorer

Can I receive my bills electronically?

You can request electronic versions of your bills from your billers.

When adding a new biller, you will be presented with an e-bills option should the biller offer the service. If you don’t select e-bills when your biller is added, you can do so at a later time by selecting the “Manage My Bills” tab. You will see an option that says, “Add an electronic version of my bill”, and you should follow the prompts to save this change. You will also see a “Get Bill” icon in the “Payment Center” for those billers who offer e-bills. Once you have set up e-bills for a biller, a “bill” icon appears near their name on the “Payment Center” page.

If the “Add an electronic version of my bill” option or “Get Bill” icon does not appear, you can’t receive e-bills from that biller.

Payment Questions

How do I know what payments have been made?

There are several ways to verify that a payment has been made.

  • You can view your account details within Internet Banking to see which payments have cleared your account. Once a payment has been made it is clearly itemized on your monthly credit union statement.
  • Within Bill Pay, the most recent 45 days of your bill history are accessible in the “Recent Payments” area of the “Payment Center” page. You can also click the “View Bill History” link at the bottom of the “Recent Payments” section to see the payment dates and confirmation numbers for payments made in the last 24 months. You can also get to this 24 months of history from the “Bill History” tab on the “Payment Center” page.
  • From the “Manage My Bills” page within Bill Pay, you can set up payment reminders that let you know when a payment has been processed. Notifications are sent via email or posted as a message on the “Payment Center” page.
  • You can set up a notification through our CUAlerts system that notifies you when the funds for your payments have been debited from your checking account.

Is there a way to make personal (person-to-person) payments within Bill Pay?

Bill Pay allows you to send and request money through Popmoney, which is available through the “Popmoney” option. Money sent through Popmoney goes directly from your HVFCU checking account into the person’s account, usually within one business day. Money requested is sent directly to your HVFCU checking account within three business days. Popmoney is free to use, and there is no fee to send or request a Popmoney payment.

Who should I contact if I have questions about specific payments?

You can send a payment inquiry if you have a question about a specific payment, otherwise, you can call 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011, option #7 for 24/7 assistance . If Customer Service sends you a message, it is accessible via the “View Messages” link at the bottom of any Bill Pay page.

What about the coupons I usually send in with my payment?

There is no need to use them. Bill Pay provides all the information your biller needs to process your payment.

What if the payment due date falls on a Saturday, Sunday or Federal Reserve Holiday?

The scheduled payment is made on the preceding business day. For your reference, the following is a list of holidays when payments will not be processed:

New Year’s Day Martin Luther King, Jr’s Birthday
President’s Day Memorial Day
Independence Day Labor Day
Columbus Day Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Christmas Day

Can I download my payment information for use with personal finance management software?

If you like to monitor your checking account with the use of personal finance management software, you can download your payment information as a .CSV file. From the main menu select “Bill History” and then “Download Payments.”

General Questions

What is the monthly fee for this service?

Bill Pay is a free service for most members. Business members who have a Value Business Checking account pay $5.95 a month for unlimited payments bills. Business members who have an Enhanced Business Checking account are included in the group of members who can use Bill Pay free of charge.

Can I still use my paper checks along with Bill Pay?

Absolutely. HVFCU Bill Pay service is like having a second checkbook for your HVFCU checking account. Unique check numbers are used to distinguish checks sent through the service from the checks you write yourself.

Can I use my checking account from another financial institution?

No, only HVFCU checking accounts can be used for HVFCU Bill Pay service. However, multiple HVFCU checking accounts can be used for bill payment.

How can I automatically update my residential address within Bill Pay?

To automatically update your residential address, sign on to Internet Banking and update your address through the “My Profile” link. Make any changes desired and hit “OK”. Once your updates are complete, sign in to Bill Pay using the “Bill Pay Enrollment/Profile Update” link under the “Options” menu within Internet Banking. These changes will be reflected in Bill Pay when you sign in. To verify the change, select “My Profile” from within Bill Pay. Please note, in order for the address changes to automatically update within Bill Pay, you must sign in as indicated above.

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