Credit Card Account Access FAQs

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Who can I contact if I have questions about the GoToMy Card website?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or have questions about the GoToMyCard website, please call GoToMyCard Customer Service at 800.820.8450. If you have specific questions about an account, please refer to the customer service telephone number listed on your monthly billing statement.

Is there any cost to use GoToMyCard?

The GoToMyCard service is provided for your use, free of charge.

How often is the online credit card information updated?

Most information is updated after our credit card processor’s nightly processing. However, some information, such as payments, may take a few business days to be reflected in the system.

What happens if my GoToMyCard enrollment fails?

Please contact GoToMyCard Customer Service at 800.820.8450. As a reminder, there is no need to enroll in GoToMyCard when accessing it through Internet Banking.

What happens if I forget my password/username or I get locked out of the site?

If you have forgotten your password/username, follow the prompts that appear on the GoToMyCard website in the log in area. For further assistance, call GoToMyCard Customer Service at 800.820.8450.

Please note: You will still be able to access GoToMyCard through Internet Banking.

Is it possible to activate a new or replacement credit card online?

It is not possible at this time. To activate your credit card, you still need to call the toll-free number provided with your new card.

Can I dispute transactions online?

Yes, you can dispute transactions online by visiting the GoToMyCard Customer Service page and clicking on “File a Transaction Dispute”.

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