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Membership / Account Changes

  • Online Account Opening for New Members – Membership is established by opening a savings account in your name with as little as $5. If you are not already a member and would like to become one, simply open your savings account by completing our online membership application.
  • Online Membership Signature Verification Card – This form is only used if you established your membership online and provides your signature so that we have it on file for verification purposes.
  • Master Membership Application – Establish your HVFCU membership. (Please note: we ask that you only use this form if directed to do so by HVFCU staff. For all other situations, please use our online form, as indicated above.)
  • Master Membership Application – Special Accounts – Open savings, checking, money market, and certificate accounts established as Estate, Infant Compromise, Club, Benefit, Representative Payee, or Guardian / Conservator accounts. Holiday Club accounts may only be opened as an individual, joint, Benefit, Representative Payee, or Guardian / Conservator account.
  • Special Account Association Information – Add an authorized signer to a special account.
  • Master Membership – Custodial Account – Establish a checking, savings, money market, or certificate account as a Custodial Account for the benefit of a minor under the age of 21.

Accounts / Checking Switch Kit / Visa Debit Cards

Certificate Account Instructions

  • Use our online certificate account instructions to reinvest or distribute funds from a maturing certificate account, close a certificate account, or withdraw dividends from your certificate account.(The form is also accessible within Internet Banking from the “Additional Services” menu if you are reviewing your accounts online.)


Consumer Loans


  • Lien Request Letter – Mail this form along with a payoff check to the current lien holder(s), informing them to send the lien release and/or title to HVFCU.
  • Private Purchase Agreement – Use this form when purchasing a vehicle from a private individual as opposed to a car dealership.

Credit Cards

Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit



Business Services


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