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Membership / Account Changes Accounts / Checking Switch Kit / Visa Debit Cards
Certificate Account Instructions ACH & Wire Transfers
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Membership / Account Changes

  • Online Account Opening for New Members – Membership is established by opening a savings account in your name with as little as $5. If you are not already a member and would like to become one, simply open your savings account by completing our online membership application. As you go through the application you also have the option to:
    • Open a checking account and / or a money market account
    • Request an ATM / Visa Debit Card and paper checks
    • Request Internet Banking access and Bill Pay access
    • Request Direct Deposit
    • Set up overdraft protection (as applicable to the type of accounts opened).
  • Online Membership Signature Verification Card – This form is only used if you established your membership online and provides your signature so that we have it on file for verification purposes.
  • Master Membership Application – Use to form to establish your HVFCU membership. (Please note: we ask that you only use this form if directed to do so by HVFCU staff. For all other situations, please use our online form, as indicated above.)
  • Master Membership Application – Special Accounts – Use this form to open savings, checking, money market, and certificate accounts established as Estate, Infant Compromise, Club, Benefit, Representative Payee, or Guardian / Conservator accounts. Holiday Club accounts may only be opened as an individual, joint, Benefit, Representative Payee, or Guardian / Conservator account.
  • Special Account Association Information – Use this form to add an authorized signer to a special account.
  • Master Membership – Custodial Account – This form is used when establishing a checking, savings, money market, or certificate as a Custodial Account for the benefit of a minor under the age of 21.

Accounts / Checking Switch Kit / Visa Debit Cards

Certificate Account Instructions

  • Use our online certificate account instructions to withdraw dividends from your certificate account or to reinvest / distribute funds from a closed certificate account. (The form is also accessible within Internet Banking from the “Additional Services” menu if you are reviewing your accounts online.)


Consumer Loans


  • Lien Request Letter – This form is mailed along with a payoff check to the current lien holder(s), informing them to send the lien release and/or title to HVFCU.
  • Private Purchase Agreement – This form is used when purchasing a vehicle from a private individual as opposed to a car dealership.

Credit Cards

Interest Only Home Equity Line of Credit



Business Services

  • ACH Origination Agreement – Submit this form to initiate electronic credit and debit entries to accounts and/or from accounts maintained at HVFCU and other financial institutions, by means of the automated clearing house network, from within Business Internet Banking.
  • Business Loan Checklist – This checklist ensures you have the proper documentation when applying for a business loan and aids in the accurate review of your application.
  • Business/Organization Resolution of Authority – HVFCU requires your business to submit this form, which lists the officers of your business who are authorized to conduct transactions on behalf of your business.
  • Business Visa Debit Card-Authorized User or Revocation – This form is used to request a Visa Debit Card for an authorized user or revoke the Visa Debit Card for an authorized user.
  • Business Loan Application – Complete this form when applying for loans or credit cards for your business. When submitting this application, please be sure to also submit our Personal Financial Statement. Additionally, if you are submitting an application for a credit card, please review our Credit Card Disclosures. You can return the form to your nearest branch.
  • Master Membership Application – Business – This form is used to open your business account relationship with HVFCU, whether it is savings, checking, money market or certificate accounts.
  • Wire Transfer Agreement – This form is used to initiate a funds transfer from authorized HVFCU accounts, from within Business Internet Banking.


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