Adding Third-party Cookie Exceptions and Trusted Sites for Internet Banking & Bill Pay

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Internet Banking is a free, convenient, and secure way to access your accounts any time, day or night.

To get started with Internet Banking:

Call us at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011, or stop by any of our branches and let us know you’d like Internet Banking access. Once you’ve been given access, you’ll sign into our system and create a username and password. See the additional information below about your initial sign on to Internet Banking.

Internet Explorer 8, 9, 10 (not fully supported)

  1. Open the Internet Explorer browser
  2. Select Tools – Internet Options, for IE 9 (click the tools icon)
  3. Privacy tab, must be set to medium or lower
  4. Pop-up blocker needs to be off
  5. On the Security tab select Trusted sites and click the “Sites” button
  6. Add the below websites (Add this website to this zone)
    • (Internet Banking)
    • Pay)
    • (External Transfers)
  7. Close the browser and re-launch. Bill Pay should work now.

Please note: For IE 9 on the General Tab, make sure Enable Protected Mode is


  1. Open the Chrome browser
  2. Click the wrench or three lines on the right (Customize and control Google Chrome)
  3. Click Settings
  4. Search “Cookies” or go to Privacy under Advanced Settings
  5. Select Content Settings
  6. Cookies should be set to allow local data to be set (recommended)
  7. If member wants to Block third-party cookies and site data the following should be added
    under Manage exceptions to “Allow”. Under add a new host name pattern enter the following, make sure Allow is the behavior set
    • (Internet Banking)
    • Pay)
    • (External Transfers)
  8. Close the browser and re-launch, Bill Pay should work.


  1. Open the Firefox browser
  2. Under the Tools menu click Options
  3. Content tab, must have Pop-up turned off
  4. Privacy tab (Remember History) must be selected or one-time passcode will be needed each
  5. Click Exceptions under the Security tab
  6. Enter the websites (Address of Website) and Click Allow
    • (Internet Banking)
    • Pay)
    • (External Transfers)
  7. Close the browser and re-launch, Bill Pay should work.


  1. Open the Safari browser
  2. Top left select Safari and then Preferences
  3. Select the Privacy tab
  4. Take note of the “Block Cookies” selection
  5. Change the Block Cookies selection to “Never”
  6. Log into Internet Banking, Bill Pay, and External Transfers (If member will want to do these)
    After these load successfully the cookies will be stored for our website (until they expire or
  7. Go back into the privacy settings and change the selection back to whatever it was
    prior to the change (Always or From Third-parties and advertisers)
  8. Close the browser and re-launch

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