FinanceWorks Personal Financial Management Tools

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FinanceWorks™ puts money management at your fingertips — and your financial goals within reach.

FinanceWorks is a free tool within Internet Banking that gives you a complete overview of your financial accounts. With FinanceWorks, you can access your HVFCU accounts and accounts from over 19,000 other financial institutions all in one place. FinanceWorks helps you stay on top of your finances by giving you the resources to track your spending, create budgets, manage your bills, and measure your net worth.

To get started, simply sign into Internet Banking and click the “Manage Money” menu option to access all that FinanceWorks has to offer.

FinanceWorks gives you the power to tackle your finances head on and let’s you:

  • Track Your Spending – Categorize your purchases and see just where your money is being spent. Identify ways to adjust and control your spending habits, and save money. FinanceWorks automatically categorizes your transactions, when possible, and displays your spending habits graphically for better understanding.
  • Get Organized for Taxes – Use the Tax Watch feature
    to track charitable donations, child and dependent care expenses, and any deductions or credits for which you will not receive a tax form.
  • Centralize Your Account Management – Manage all of your accounts in one place, regardless of which financial institution you have them at. With over 19,000 institutions to choose from, FinanceWorks has you covered.
  • Manage Your Bills – Manage all your bills from within FinanceWorks, regardless of how you pay these bills. FinanceWorks creates a comprehensive list of your bills to ensure you pay them on time.
  • Create Budgets – Create a monthly budget and track your spending against it. See where you are falling short of your goals so you can adjust your spending accordingly.
  • View Projected Account Balances – FinanceWorks displays the available funds in your accounts based on posted transactions and your projected transactions.
  • Calculate Your Net Worth – Add assets, such as your car and home, to view a complete picture of your net worth.

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