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View account balances & transactions, pay bills, & transfer funds between.1

Mobile Banking lets you do your banking conveniently on your mobile device, including iPhones, iPads, iPod Touches, Android devices, and Blackberry devices. Mobile Banking is safe and secure, and no confidential information is stored on your phone or mobile device. If your phone or mobile device is stolen, no sensitive information would be available.

Once enrolled in Mobile Banking, you can also do Text Banking, which allows you to get your account balances and conduct transfers via text message.

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Enrolling & Getting Started

What is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is a free, wireless internet-based service that allows you to do your banking safely and conveniently on your mobile phone or mobile device. With Mobile Banking, you can:

  • View account balances (our quick balance feature also allows you to swipe for your balances without logging into our app)
  • View account transaction history
  • View minimum payment and due dates for loans
  • Access GoToMyCard for credit card info
  • Transfer funds between your HVFCU accounts or to the accounts of other HVFCU members
  • Pay your bills
  • Deposit checks directly into your HVFCU saving, checking, or money market accounts with Mobile Deposit (see below)
  • View copies of cleared checks
  • Find branches and ATMs (including surcharge-free ATMs)
  • Get available account balances and conduct transfers via text message (Please refer to our our Quick Guide to Text Banking Commands and Shortcuts for additional information about how to use Text Banking)
  • Send money to family and friends with Popmoney

Please note: Mobile Banking is not available for business accounts.

How do I enroll in Mobile Banking?

To use Mobile Banking, you can download our app from the Apple iTunes store, Google Play, or the Amazon Appstore. Our Mobile Banking app uses the same username and password as our Internet Banking system, so you must first enroll and sign on to Internet Banking before using our app. To register your device, you will need to have a phone number entered under your Internet Banking security settings. You can check if you have a phone number in the system by selecting “Update Security Options” from the “My Settings” menu within Internet Banking using a browser.

Which phones and mobile devices are supported for Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking can be accessed from internet-capable mobile phone or tablet using a supported browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

You can download our Mobile Banking app for Apple iPhones, Apple iPads, Apple iPod Touches, Android phones, and Android tablets. Android devices must be on Jelly Bean 4.1 or greater and Apple devices must be on iOS 7 or greater.

If you have trouble using our Mobile Banking or your device specifications don’t match what is noted above, you can use a mobile optimized version of our website by going to From there you can check your account balances, make transfers, and access Bill Pay.

Why do I receive the message Hudson Valley FCU Access Code, Info at 845-463-3011. Reply STOP to cancel. when I text back the passcode to register my device:?

Please ensure you are only texting back the 6-digit passcode when trying to register your device. The above message is common when the following conditions occur:

  • Texting back “Confirm” or the 5-digit number from where the text message (44833) came from, instead of the 6-digit code in the message body.
  • Including additional text in the return or having a signature on your texts. Only the 6-digit code should be sent.
  • Having SMS short codes blocked at the mobile carrier level.
  • Texting back an expired text message that is older than 10 minutes.

How secure is Mobile Banking?

Mobile Banking is just as secure as our Internet Banking service. Mobile Banking is encrypted using the Wireless Transport Layer Security (WTLS) protocol, which provides the highest level of security available today. All data that passes between your mobile device and the wireless gateway is encrypted using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Whenever you close the Mobile Banking application, you will be signed out of the service. No personal data is ever stored on your phone or mobile device, so even if someone has access to your phone or mobile device, no sensitive information would be available.

Can I view accounts I am joint on within Mobile Banking?

You can view joint accounts within Mobile Banking. To help distinguish your joint accounts you may consider giving your accounts different nicknames. To do so, sign on to Internet Banking and select “Account nicknames” from the “My Profile” menu.

Mobile Remote Deposit Capture

Who is eligible for mobile RDC?

Members who have been with HVFCU for more than 30 days, that are in good standing, and are enrolled in Internet Banking.

Is there a fee to use Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?

There is no charge for Mobile Remote Deposit Capture. However, mobile carriers may charge for internet access and/or text messages. Please check with your carrier for any charges that may occur based on the usage of HVFCU’s Mobile Remote Deposit Capture service.

Which accounts can I make deposits to with the Mobile Banking app?

You can deposit to any savings account, checking account, or money market account.

Is there a limit to the amount of deposits or number of deposits I can make?

You are allowed $5,000 per day in deposits and up to $20,000 in deposits over a rolling 30 day period.

Is there a hold placed on the funds I deposit through Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?

Standard check holds apply to your deposits. Please refer to the funds availability policy in our Truth in Savings Disclosure & Account Agreement.

When can I expect for deposited funds to be credited to my account?

Funds will be credited to your account within two business days of receipt if there are not any issues detected with the deposit.

Is a special endorsement recommended on checks deposited?

Underneath your signature please write: “For Mobile Deposit.”

How long should I retain checks that I deposit with Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?

It is important to retain your checks for 62 days. After the 62 days, you should securely destroy them.

How can I identify the transactions made through Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?

You can identify your Mobile Remote Deposit Capture transactions by the “Mobile Deposit [Check Reference #]” description.

Am I notified if a check deposit is rejected?

You will receive an email notification any time a check cannot be deposited using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture. A deposit may be rejected for the following reasons:

  • The check is a duplicate.
  • Daily or rolling monthly deposit amount limits have been reached.
  • Two images of the same side of the check are submitted instead of one image of the front and one image of the back.
  • The check image is out of focus.
  • The view angle of check is too excessive.
  • MICR line data cannot be recognized by the system.
  • The amount of the deposit you enter does not match the numeric amount in the image of your check.
  • The endorsement signature on the back is missing.

Can I turn on the camera flash when using Mobile Remote Deposit Capture?

Flash is not supported for use with Mobile Remote Deposit Capture. Flash tends to pick up check watermarks too heavily, and can cause the central image processing systems to reject the deposit. The flash also emphasizes shadows in certain areas of a check, depending on the check’s color, and can wash out the border of a check, making the MICR numbers harder to trace. This is especially true on the newer hi-megapixel cameras.

We recommend making the check as flat as possible and placing it on a dark surface, in a well-lit area. Also ensure that signatures do not extend into the MICR line.

General Questions

Is there a fee to use Mobile Banking?

There is no fee to use Mobile Banking. However, there may be data charges associated with your phone or mobile device usage. Check with your mobile phone carrier for more information.

Do I need a data plan to use Mobile Banking?

A data plan is typically needed to use Mobile Banking. Please check with your mobile phone carrier about the specifics of your data plan and any associated fees.

Does my carrier charge for Mobile Banking?

In order to access Mobile Banking via the internet on your mobile phone or device, you need to make sure you have data access through your mobile phone carrier. This may require you to purchase additional services through your carrier.

What happens if I forget my username and / or password?

Please follow the prompts within our app if you need to have your username and / or password reset.

Can I use Bill Pay with Mobile Banking?

You can pay your bills through Mobile Banking. Your billers must first be set up within Internet Banking to be able to pay them through our Mobile Banking app.

Is there a limit as to how long I can access Mobile Banking in a given session?

Mobile Banking times out after ten minutes of inactivity. Account data is flushed as soon as it’s no longer needed, and all account data is flushed upon exiting Mobile Banking.

What type of data is stored in Mobile Banking?

No confidential information is stored on your phone or mobile device. In the event that your phone or mobile device is stolen and someone gets access to it, no sensitive information would be available.

What happens if I lose my phone or mobile device or it is stolen?

How do I update my phone number if it changes? How do I update my phone carrier, model, or manufacturer if they change?

Who can I contact for assistance with Mobile Banking?

For assistance with Mobile Banking, please call 845.463.3011 and select the option for Internet Banking support.

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