Online Account Opening

Online Account Hero

Save a trip to the branch and open your accounts online.

You can open savings, checking, tiered money market, and select certificate accounts1 online in minutes via transfer from an account at another financial institution or an existing HVFCU savings or checking account.

New members looking to open their accounts online can establish membership from this page. See “Account Opening for New Members” below for more information.

The account opening processes varies slightly based on whether you are an existing HVFCU member or you have yet to establish your membership. At this time, business members are unable to open their accounts online.

Account Opening for Existing Members

Existing members can open all of the accounts listed above by signing into Internet Banking and selecting the “Open Account / Apply for Loan” link from the “Additional Services” menu. Savings, checking, tiered money market, and certificate accounts can be opened 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you open these accounts outside of normal business hours, they will appear in your accounts list the following business day.

Additionally, if you are an existing member, based on the accounts you are opening, you also have the option to:

  • Order paper checks
  • Request Bill Pay access
  • Request a Visa Check Card or ATM card
  • Set up overdraft protection

If you would like to open your accounts with a joint member, you will be provided the appropriate paperwork during the account opening process.

Account Opening for New Members

If you have yet to establish your HVFCU membership, you can do so at any time from this page.

Membership is established by opening a primary savings account in your name with as little as $5. If you choose to establish your membership online, you are automatically required to open a primary savings account. In addition to that account, you may also choose to open a checking, tiered money market, or certificate account.

Additionally, as you go through the application and establish your membership, based on the accounts you are opening, you also have the option to:

  • Request an ATM / Visa Debit Card
  • Order paper checks
  • Request Internet Banking and MAGIC (audio voice response system) access
  • Request direct deposit
  • Set up overdraft protection and Privilege Pay (as applicable to the type of accounts opened)
  • Authorize us to pay overdrafts on ATM card and Visa Debit Card transactions

If you choose to open your accounts with a joint member, you can do so during the account opening process.

If you establish your membership online, we also request that you complete a Signature Verification Card so that we have your signature on file for verification purposes.

1 You may open select certificate accounts through Internet Banking (no IRAs). You may open a regular certificate account for any term from 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48, and 60 months, with a minimum deposit of $500. Save Smart Certificate Accounts have an 8-month term with a minimum deposit of $250. Flex Certificate Accounts have a 12-month term with a minimum deposit of $750. Additionally, if you would like to add a beneficiary to your certificate account, please call our Contact Center at 845.463.3011 or visit any of our branches.

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