Telephone Scams

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Awareness is your best defense against scams, phishes, and hoaxes.

The information below provides an overview of internet safety and scams. It is not all inclusive and we encourage you to continue your education beyond what is provided here.

Perhaps the greatest threat to your account information is giving your member number and/or password to another individual. Please remember:

  • No one except a joint account holder needs to know your member number and/or password.
  • No employee of HVFCU will ever ask you for your Internet Banking password information. Call us immediately at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011 if any person, whether an HVFCU employee or not, attempts to learn your password.

Although online fraud and identity theft are given much attention by the media, it is also important to remember that people are still targeted for these crimes over the telephone. Keep the following in mind when dealing with calls that you didn’t initiate:

  • HVFCU will not call you to verify your account numbers, as we already have this information. If you receive a call asking you for your account numbers, end the call and contact us about the incident.
  • HVFCU staff will not ask you to call back on an 800 number other than 800.468.3011. Providing an 800 number can make a thief’s intent seem legitimate, but an 800 number other than 800.468.3011 could be part of a scam.
  • Don’t give your account numbers to individuals who claim they can protect your accounts from online fraud and identity theft. A typical call might involve someone claiming they have seen your account numbers on numerous reports that thieves could access to steal money from you. The caller asks for your account numbers and then also asks for your authorization to deduct a fee for the service. Be wary of these calls because unauthorized individuals or companies do not have the ability to electronically withdraw money from your HVFCU accounts.
  • Don’t let someone pressure you into divulging your personal information. Trust your instincts if something tells you that the call is not legitimate. If someone is looking to conduct business with you, they should not have issue with doing it on your terms.
  • Don’t assume a call is legitimate based on the caller id alone. It is easy for criminals to fake caller id information. If you are unsure, ask to call them back at a known, published number, or authenticate that the caller is legitimate in some other way before providing any personal information.

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