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Awareness is your best defense against scams, phishes, and hoaxes.

The information below provides an overview of internet safety and scams. It is not all inclusive and we encourage you to continue your education beyond what is provided here.

Perhaps the greatest threat to your account information is giving your member number and/or password to another individual. Please remember:

  • No one except a joint account holder needs to know your member number and/or password.
  • No employee of HVFCU will ever ask you for your Internet Banking password information. Call us immediately at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011 if any person, whether an HVFCU employee or not, attempts to learn your password.

In addition to what you can do to protect yourself against fraud, HVFCU employs five safeguards to protect your confidential information:

  1. SSL Encryption – Before an account transaction begins, your web browser (i.e. Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer etc.) and our web server establish a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encrypted session at either the 40-bit or 128-bit levels. (This depends on your web browser; 128-bit is the highest SSL level available). Simply put, SSL encrypts the data and verifies the identities of the sending and receiving computers during a transaction.
  2. Limited Sign-on Attempts – Because the possibility exists of an intruder randomly choosing your password, your account denies access after six incorrect sign-on attempts. If your account denies you access you have been locked out. Please call us at 845.463.3011 / 800.468.3011 to get your account enabled again.
  3. Automatic Timeouts – To help prevent accidental misuse of your account when you leave your browser signed on, your secure Internet Banking session with HVFCU will be automatically disconnected after twenty minutes of inactivity and you will need to sign back on if you wish to continue.
  4. Firewalls – Critical HVFCU computers are protected by “firewalls” – computer hardware and software that block attempts at intrusion by restricting the types of information that can pass through them. They also prohibit dubious types of requests from other computers.
  5. Separate Databases – As a further measure of protection we store your account and transaction data on computers not directly connected to the internet.

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