Guides to Independence

Guides to Independence is an online tool that offers a series of interactive courses, activities, and quizzes that teach teenagers money management skills. Each course takes twenty minutes or less to complete.

Head over to the Guides to Independence website to take any of the free courses listed below:

Spending Money

  • How to Shop for Everyday Savings
  • How to Buy a Used Car
  • How to Shop for Everyday Items

Saving Money

  • How to Achieve Financial Goals
  • How to Save and Invest Short-term
  • How to Invest in Stocks and Bonds

Managing Money

  • How to Start a Checking Account
  • How to Balance a Checking Account
  • How to Use a Debit Card
  • How to Budget Income
  • How to Budget Expenses

Borrowing Money

  • How to Get a Loan
  • How to Manage Debt
  • How to Pay for School
  • Credit Card Basics
  • How to Choose and Use a Credit Card

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