Visa® Credit Cards


You have a choice when it comes to finding the right credit card.

Our Visa® Platinum credit card has a credit limit up to $30,000, no annual fee, and one rate for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. Most credit cards companies charge a percentage when transferring balances to their card, as much as 1-4% of the total amount transferred. At HVFCU you can perform unlimited balance transfers, fee-free, which could translate into hundreds of dollars in savings.

Featured Rates

Platinum 11.25%
variable APR as low as
Platinum Rewards 12.25%
variable APR as low as

Please note, balance transfers can take up to three weeks to process.

Please enter your Social Security number as
nine (9) digits without spaces or hyphens.

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* The total transferred may not exceed your available HVFCU Visa credit limit. Your cash advance total will appear on your next credit card statement. Please note, a balance transfer will not close your account. Please check with individual creditors to close your accounts. I/We authorize HVFCU to pay the balances specified above, and transfer the total to my/our HVFCU Visa account and understand that I/we must make payments until notified of the transfer. I/we understand these transfers will be posted to my/our new HVFCU Visa as a cash advance in accordance with the terms of the Credit Card Agreement.

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