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It’s important to educate yourself and shop wisely when financing a home. Even a small difference in points, fees, payment type, or down payment requirements, can add up to thousands of dollars, affecting your monthly payment or ability to finance.

Some lenders have different names for their fees, and might even waive one fee while adding another. Meeting with a loan officer can help you compare your options and understand your choices to ensure you select the right mortgage for your needs.

In Capable Hands

Anthony Mann and Melissa Decker were ready to buy their first home. They attended an HVFCU homebuyer seminar, learned about the First Home Club and successfully completed the program. They found a foreclosure for sale in Orange County and came to HVFCU Mortgage Loan Officer Michael Delgado with only three weeks to meet the closing deadline. Michael acknowledged the tight timeframe, but assured Melissa and Anthony that he would work on their behalf to make sure everything went smoothly. Sure enough, with Michael’s help, the appraisal was done a few days later, mortgage insurance was secured within two weeks and the couple was cleared for closing with two days to spare. Everyone involved, from lawyers to Realtors, was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the HVFCU team worked to help get this couple into their new home. As a local lender, HVFCU understands how important it is to build relationships with their business partners. For Anthony and Melissa, the relationship Michael has built with his business partners made all the difference in buying their first home.

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Do you have a story to share about how HVFCU helped you buy your home? If so, send us a note at [email protected]. We’d love to hear from you.

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