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Manage your daily finances with no monthly service charge.

When you couple your Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union checking account with free services like a Visa® Debit Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, eStatements, Visa Alerts, and CUAlerts you’ve got everything you need to manage your finances efficiently and effectively.

Featured Rates

Checking .05%
Annual Percentage Yield

Compare our HVFCU checking account to other institutions and you’ll see that we go beyond the confines of free and ordinary, and offer a checking that includes dividends and rewards! No toasters or barbeque tools, just great benefits and checking options like no minimum balance requirement and no per check fees to start.

Switch Your Checking Account to HVFCU in Four Easy Steps

Step 1: Open your new HVFCU checking account and order checks

Start using this account for any new transactions. Naturally you’ll want to stop using your other checking account, but be sure to leave it open with enough funds to cover any outstanding checks and automatic payments that may be in process. You’ll also want to leave it open to accept any direct deposits already in progress, such as deposits for your paycheck.

Step 2: Complete and return our Switch Kit Permission Form

Our staff want to help you with your account transition, and completing our Switch Kit Permission Form allows them to initiate changes on your behalf. By returning the form, our staff can help transfer balances from accounts at other institutions to your new HVFCU checking account, along with redirecting recurring ACH and direct deposit payments to your account. Please note these payments include recurring debit card and bill payments that may be coming out of your other checking account. Common examples of automatic / recurring payments include your mortgage payment or rent, auto loan payments, insurance premiums, utilities, health club memberships, and charitable contributions.

For the fastest service, fax your form to our Contact Center at 845.463.4483. Our staff will then contact you within one to two business days to gather any additional information they may need to switch your account to HVFCU. Our staff will also do their best to help you identify any fees you may incur, if any, by closing your accounts elsewhere.

Step 3: Enroll in electronic services

We live in a digital world, and HVFCU’s electronic services can help manage your accounts wherever and whenever you need access to them. Internet Banking and Mobile Banking make it easy to track all direct deposits and automatic payments from your new HVFCU account, while Bill Pay lets you schedule your monthly payments online in just a few clicks. Additionally, CUAlerts can also help you manage your account activity through email and text notifications, such as when your balance hits certain thresholds.

Step 4: Close your other checking account

If all outstanding checks and payments have cleared your other checking account, and your direct deposits have been changed to your new HVFCU checking account, you can go ahead and close the checking account at your other financial institution. Our staff will help with this process as well once you have completed our Switch Kit Permission Form. As a reminder, you’ll also want to destroy any unused checks from your other account, along with any old debit or ATM cards.

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