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Manage your daily finances with no monthly service charge.

When you couple your Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union checking account with free services like a Visa® Debit Card, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Bill Pay, eStatements, Visa Alerts, and CUAlerts you’ve got everything you need to manage your finances efficiently and effectively.

Your HVFCU Visa® Debit Card with Rewards is the perfect companion to your checking account because of the versatility and convenience it offers. Use your card instead of cash or checks at merchants that accept Visa debit card transactions. You’ll earn points with every qualified transaction you make that can be redeemed for cash and travel rewards. Your Visa Debit Card also functions as an ATM card for instant access to your accounts.

Purchasing Power

  • Signature-based (credit) purchases earn you one HVFCU Rewards! point 1 for every three dollars you spend. Points are redeemable for travel, cash back credit, charitable donations, gift cards, or merchandise rewards2. View the difference between credit and debit transactions.
  • Track and redeem reward points at the HVFCU Rewards! website. (Please note: Visa Debit Card point balance updates are made monthly.)
  • Unlimited, free access at HVFCU ATMs, and up to 15 free foreign transactions each month at network ATMs worldwide. (Note: the owner of the ATM may impose a fee still, even if HVFCU does not.)
  • Worldwide acceptance of the Visa name.
  • Access more than 82,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.
  • Account monitoring with Visa Alerts.
  • Shop with added security when you enroll your card in the Verified by Visa program.

HVFCU Rewards! Program

Use your card. Earn points. Choose your rewards. It’s that simple! HVFCU Rewards! is a simple, easy to use program that lets you earn points when you use your HVFCU Visa® Debit Card and HVFCU Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card. HVFCU Rewards! offers you the freedom to choose the rewards you really want. How and when you use your points is up to you. To enroll in HVFCU Rewards!, please complete our enrollment form, which you can access via the “HVFCU Rewards! Enrollment” option on our secure email page.

HVFCU Rewards! Program Features

  • Free, automatic program enrollment with your Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card and Visa Debit Card.
  • Earn points when using the “credit” option for signature-based transactions.1 Remember that some merchants do not have you sign for purchases under $50 or $25, for example. In these instances you still earn points even if you don’t physically sign. As long as you don’t enter a PIN, you earn points.
  • Choose from travel, cash back credit, charitable donations, gift cards, or merchandise rewards.
  • View your earnings history and redeem your points at (login and password set up required)
  • Combine Visa Debit Card and Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card points for greater reward options.

Visa Debit Card Reward Points

  • Earn one point for every three dollars spent on qualifying purchases.
  • Points valid for three years.

Earn Bonus Points with Exclusive Perks!

HVFCU Rewards! also offers you three additional opportunities to grow your point balance:

  • 5x Points at the Perks Points Mall – Shop the online network of over 800 top national and regional merchants and be rewarded even more. You will earn 5x points on all purchases made online after selecting the links to the merchants through the Perks Points Mall. Many merchants offer exclusive discounts on top of the bonus points.
  • 3x Points at Our More Points Superstore – Earn 3x points on all purchases including brand name merchandise and popular gift cards for dining, entertainment, shopping and travel related expenses including hotels, fuel and car rental.
  • Save Big with Daily Deals – We’ve pooled local deals into one, easy to access location. Save big on dining, apparel, health and beauty, entertainment, travel, toys and games, fitness, and more.

The Perks Points Mall, More Points superstore, and Daily Deals are all available when you go to our HVFCU Rewards website.

Combining / Householding Points

To help you reach your reward goal faster, you have two options for combining your Bonus Points:

  • Combine your Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card points with your Visa Debit Card points.
  • Combine your points from your Visa Platinum Rewards Credit Card and / or Visa Debit Card with the points of other HVFCU members. In order to combine points with another individual, two of the following three criteria must be met:
    • You and the other individual have the same last name.
    • You and the other individual live in the same household (i.e. your full address city, state, & zip are the same).
    • The entire primary name on your accounts is the same (i.e. first and last name or business name).

Two or more debit cards that have the same social security number attached to the account will be linked automatically.

To combine HVFCU Rewards! points, please log in to the HVFCU Rewards! website and submit a request online via the “Account Linking” option under the “My Account” drop down menu. Enter the card number and zip code associated with the HVFCU Rewards! account that you would like to link with and hit “Submit”. You will then be prompted to confirm that you would like to link accounts.

Please note: This feature is presently not available through the mobile website.

Point Redemption

To monitor or redeem your rewards points, go directly to the HVFCU Rewards! website. To start, you’ll be required to enter your full card number and zip code, and create a login and password. At the HVFCU Rewards! site you can monitor your points earned and expired in a given month, and you can even see how many points are set to expire in the upcoming 120 days. When you are ready to cash in your points you can choose from these various rewards::

  • Merchandise Rewards – Redeem points for brand-name merchandise in a variety of categories: electronics, housewares, jewelry, fitness, and gourmet foods.
  • Travel Rewards – Choose from a variety of options that include airline tickets, hotel accommodations, rental car certificates, cruises, and vacation packages.
  • Gift Cards – Choose from a vast array of merchants for dining, entertainment, fuel, shopping, salon and spa.
  • Cash Back – Redeem your points and receive a credit to your account.
  • Charitable Donations – Use your points for a greater good by selecting CharityChoice gift cards. You may designate the funds for up to three charities of your choice from the online list. CharityChoice, the nonprofit administrator, offers over 100 carefully selected major charitable causes, conveniently organized into 12 categories.

We’ve Gone Mobile

Visit the HVFCU Rewards! website on your mobile device and save it to your home screen for easy access. You can review your account statement, browse rewards, and redeem points on your mobile device.

Need Help?

You can reach HVFCU Rewards! Customer Service at any time by calling 866.678.5189 . They have an interactive voice response system that lets you to:

  • Check your point balance
  • Book travel or inquire on an existing reservation
  • Place an order for merchandise or gift cards

You can also speak with a live representative regarding merchandise orders, 24/7. Travel representatives are available Monday – Friday, 6 am – 1 am EST and Saturday & Sunday, 7 am – 11 pm EST.

Terms and Conditions

For additional information about HVFCU Rewards!, please refer to our terms and conditions.

Visa Debit Card FAQs

Click a question to display its answer.

How are HVFCU Rewards points earned?

Points are earned by using your Visa Debit Card with Rewards for signature-based transactions, meaning you select “credit” instead of “debit” when prompted by a merchant. If you select “debit” at a merchant and enter your PIN, points are not earned. View the difference between credit and debit transactions.

You earn one point for every $2.00 you spend, with point values rounded according to normal rounding practices. For example, if you make a purchase for $25.30, you earn 13 points ($25.30 /2 = $12.65 or 13 points when rounded accordingly.)

Do HVFCU Rewards Points expire?

All points earned up through 8/31/13 will keep their original expiration date, which
is up to six years. All points earned beginning 9/1/13 will have an expiration date of three years.

How do I redeem my HVFCU Rewards! Points?

To redeem your HVFCU Rewards Points, log on to the HVFCU Rewards! website. Merchandise rewards are purchased just as if you were shopping online at a retail website – you add the merchandise you want to your online shopping cart and then checkout. If you choose to redeem your points for travel awards, airline tickets, vacation packages, or cruises, you may need to speak with a travel representative to redeem your points. Follow the instructions based on what type of travel awards you desire. First-time users need to create a profile.

Do I have to sign up to start receiving HVFCU Rewards! points?

Enrollment in our HVFCU Rewards! program is automatic and there is nothing you need to do to start earning points.

Are HVFCU Rewards! points earned if I use my Visa Debit Card for automatic payments?

HVFCU Rewards! points are earned when you use your Visa Debit Card for automatic payments as long as the payments are processed as “credit” transactions. View the difference between credit and debit transactions..

Are HVFCU Rewards! points earned if I use my Visa Debit Card for purchases on the internet?

HVFCU Rewards! points are earned on internet purchases as long as your Visa Debit Card purchases are processed as “credit” transactions. View the difference between credit and debit transactions..

Are HVFCU Rewards! points earned if Privilege Pay is used?

HVFCU Rewards! points are earned when Privilege Pay is used as long as your Visa Debit Card is processed as a “credit” transaction. View the difference between credit and debit transactions..

If I have a Visa Platinum credit card, can I combine points earned on that card with my Bonus Points?

If you have both a Visa Platinum Rewards credit card and a Visa Debit Card, your points can be combined and used together. To combine your points, please sign into the HVFCU Rewards! website and submit a request online via the “Account Linking” option at the top of the page. If you accounts were linked with our previous rewards program no action is necessary, they will continue to be linked with our new program.

If my Visa Debit Card is lost or stolen, are my HVFCU Rewards! points transferred to my new card?

If your Visa Debit Card is lost or stolen, your HVFCU Rewards! points are automatically transferred to your new card.

Under what circumstances are HVFCU Rewards! points deducted from my point balance total?

If you return a purchase that was made through a signature-based transaction or are refunded a disputed signature-based transaction, the points you earned as a result of that transaction are deducted from your HVFCU Rewards! point balance total.

Do business account holders with Visa Debit Cards earn HVFCU Rewards! points?

Yes, business members are eligible to earn HVFCU Rewards! points.

1 Visa Debit Card reward points require signature-authorized transactions to earn points. PIN-based, point-of-sale, ATM transactions, cash withdrawals, and checks do not earn points.

2 Your account must be open and in good standing (not over-the-limit or past due) to earn or redeem points.

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